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 A well-rounded gal, Lorian was a Theatre major before becoming a Child Study major, which she then followed by teaching Art and Special Education to elementary school kids, and then finally, after becoming a mom to her own special boy, decided that she could not live another day as anything other than a maker of Kid-lit and Kid-lit-art. 


Lorian strives to write and make art for kids, much like herself,  who march to the beat of a different drum. The "quirky" kids. The “bad” kids. The kids who don’t feel like they fit in. Lorian feels that “fitting in” is overrated.

Lorian’s major influences have been the work of Marc Chagall, Maurice Sendak, Marc Simont, and Sir Quentin Blake. When not playing at art in her studio, Lorian spends her days with her two boys and husband, participating in the adventure of parenthood, and daydreaming.


Represented by Molly O'Neill


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