JUMP forward!


What a year is in the books!

And we do mean BOOKS!

Puddle Jump Collective started out as 13 illustrators from around the globe who aspired to make children's books.

So great was our determination to grow as book makers that we set up our own network of critique partners, illustration projects, creative prompts, gallery showcases, and regular goal check-ins to help make our goals happen.

Hop forward 3 years!

We are delighted to share that many of our members have signed with literary and art agencies, won awards, been featured in national publications and have illustrated, written, or been contracted to illustrate and write 25 + children's books!

We've created heaps of beautiful work.

Here's a reindeer and girl by Kristin Wauson:

Tranquil mother and child by Lynnor Bontigao:

Joyful characters by Sharon Sordo:

Mock book cover by Faith Pray:

Meridth McKean Gimbel created this gorgeous commissioned portrait for author Kelly DiPucchio:

We've grown in so many ways, and we are continually learning the fine balance of life + play + work + joy.

And so much more to come!

Here are two of our latest announcements:

There is something pretty magical about joining forces with like-minded creators,

making goals and sticking with them,

working hard and finding friendship and support along the way.

Hooray for another year in the books!

We can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Time to make more goals.

Pencils ready, everybody?

Let's do it!

Happy New Year from Puddle Jump Collective!

What do you hope to accomplish this coming year?

What small things can you do to help make your goals happen?

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